Bridges for Music to Sonar 2013!

The video from Richie Hawtin’s South Africa tour together with Bridges for Music is finally live on youtube. It was hard work to put all the footage together to make the best presentation, but I think they’ve nailed it. Like I wrote about here, the days with Richie and his team in South Africa, and the party in Soweto was from another world! Ill never ever forget the feeling I got while there and the happiness in everybody’s eyes. Just by writing about it I get goose bumps!

As if this isn’t enough, it’s now official that not “only” Skrillex and Richie are going to speak at the Sonar + Day panel presenting what Bridges for Music is about, telling their experiences from the launch of it in South Africa, but hold the press: The one and only Luciano is joining too!

Gosh, I can’t wait for this!

Are you going to Sonar this year?

Look at the promotion the event gets on

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