Sonar 2013 -new airs

Splish Splash and this summer’s first festival highlight is over.

2013 was the year Sonar Day moved to another venue and part of town after over a decade in the venues of MACBA in Raval. As much as we are many that have loved Sonar Day at MACBA due to the viby city feel surrounding it, it’s also true it started to get very crowded in there. It’s also true that the residents around MACBA have been tired of the festival’s noise for years and deserved a break. Thus, after the announcements about Fira Mont Juic being Sonar Day’s new party dress, many of us were excited to see it.

And my oh my, a more perfect sight for Sonar Day is impossible to find. I’m a bigger fan of the festival already. Yes it did feel very big initially, but considering they’ve sold many more tickets this year and that MACBA indeed got over crowded the last years, I cant express how much I loved Sonar Day in bigger venues. Now there are enough bars, toilets and space to walk around for everybody, which feels particularly important in a place where the temperature easily exceeds 30 C.  Moreover it is obvious that the organisers have worked hard to give the place a typical ‘Sonar feel’, – with success! We were several Sonar veterans talking about it; it all feels like before and one quickly forgets that Sonar has moved. The only thing I could point my finger at is that there only is one open air scene now, as opposed to 1,5 (one smaller stage was inside of a tent) before. Besides: Sonar Village lacks some trees. However, all in all: WAY to go, Sonar!

This year was my seventh Sonar and as expected a bit more ‘industry’- like. Firstly due to the preparation and expectations regarding the Bridges for Music conference presented by my V together with the three ambassadors Richie Hawtin, Luciano and Skrillex. Secondly due to not having many of my own friends around, therefore mostly hanging with new acquaintances from the sector, rushing from a place to another to catch up with both artists, concerts and people. Thirdly due to finding myself constantly backstage rather than in front of stages. A slight exaggeration, but still a trend. And I have got some mixed feelings about it actually…

Though I seem to be very happy right here


To be continued..


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