Back to Ibiza (2013)

Voluntarily not having a place to live for a while (like me) expands the possibilities to move around. Logically.

Yet without the money of a millionaire it isn’t logical to just move around like another millionaire, thus the options decrease. Either way, as both V and I have a history with living on Ibiza – and loving it -, we thought going back for a month could do us good romantically, familiarly as well as professionally.

bright-ideaTherefore we decided to go back straight after the Sonar festival, but this time the situation from last year has changed. We don’t have our own house, so we depend on:

A) renting a place, B) friends’ hospitality, C) a cheap hotel/hostel

I suggested living in a camp or something, just taking it to the hippie-level for once, but V wasn’t too impressed by the thought of it. Besides the heat could be an issue in the morning. Also, I don’t even know if there is a campsite on this freaking island?

To solve the housing situation we found out that renting a place fairly central is out of the question as the prices are completely mental. When you consider yourself a local and know what an apartment can cost on this island, you don’t go ahead paying 1800 euros for a month all of the sudden. The holiday rental prices are obviously what we would be competing with for only a month stay.

So, we had to go for option C, as option B somehow didn’t turn out viable either.

Therefore, we are currently residing in a hotel in freaking San Antonio where we know a guy that manages a 3 star hotel in the middle of the craziness! And my friends, I can tell you: This is a completely new experience and quite frankly, not in the worst way we would imagine.

I’ll write a post about a local’s eyes on San Antonio asap, but here some shots of the area to warm you up.





A gem, right.

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