I just have to go

Like I’ve mentioned before I kept a diary throughout my whole childhood and teenagers. Although the content got a bit more serious throughout the years, developing from drawing hearts and writing lists over the boys I had kissed in class to listing goals and wishes for my adult (love) life, it’s pretty obvious I’ve always been a dreamer.


Not too long ago I went through the diary I had at 17 and realised how strong my dream of “living abroad” was from an early age. I don’t know at what age it started really; I just had this vision about eternal happiness through traveling and world discovery, and even knew I had to learn more languages to get there.

And here I still am. At 31. If possible, in an even more intense way now than before.

Looking back: At 22 I went to Cuba and started realising that Spanish dream of mine, beginning with the language. Later that year I was accepted as a volunteer through a youth organisation in Barcelona and spent 6 months there. At 26 I went to Buenos Aires for a year, including all the journeys (internal and external) that led to in that region, and at 28 I moved to Ibiza, then London – twice –  and at 30 to Cape Town for 6 months.

The past year I dedicated to the master’s degree in Responsible Tourism Management which at its best has told me THIS topic really is my field, and at its worst has confused the shit out of me. Who do I want to be professionally, where do I want to live, what is it I really want to do in this life? How important is it anyway with a degree? If I want to write anyway, can’t I just do that…? And travel? Must it be academic? I do love researching… But journalists research a lot too!?

My little audience: I would love, love, love your feedback on these thoughts. I’m currently “working” fulltime on researching how to become a researcher (hah!), freelance journalist as well as academic. I will apply for work within all fields and although I’m good at living “here & now” and daily say to myself the same thing we all have to say when getting up in the morning: “who knows where this day takes me”, it would also feel good to soon have some clearer answers, or nailed projects.


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