Concerts on my bucket list

Yup I still keep searching for the artists I love and their gigs around. Among them are (un)fortunately plenty I haven’t seen live, but to not bore you with a very long list, I keep it at my lucky number which is 7.

The below list extends the last list I wrote back in 2010 over artists I dreamed at seeing then. I just realised it needed to be updated.

1. Radiohead (or Thom Yorke solo)

2. Fleetwood Mac

3. Cinematic Orchestra

4. Moderat (but I did see Apparat!!)

5. Femi Kuti

6. David Bowie (can’t believe I had forgot him on the last list?)

7. Daft Punk (fuck them for not coming to Glastonbury this year the way eeeeverybody predicted…)

Since the last bucket list I could line these over

8. Jonsi (All alone at Sonar weeping my eyes out)

9. Bonobo with band (at XOYO, London)

10. Portishead (PURE MAGIC at Glastonbury 2013)

11. The Rolling Stones (Sorry I’m cheating as they weren’t even on the last list, but I did see them for the first and probably last time in my life at Glastonbury 2013. It was wicked)

12. Trentemoller. TWICE! (And can’t believe he wasn’t on the last list either..)

Before March 2010 I was able to line these over:

 Depeche Mode

Tori Amos

Antony & the Johnson



Ingrid Olava

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