Not just another T R A V E L blog

When I now launch this as a T R A V E L blog (before the other things I write about), Id like to tell you why.

My passion is traveling and I’m 100 % aware of the extreme privileges that contains. Pointing at the opportunities and responsibilities coming with those privileges are often exactly what I like to spread with this blog.


So what makes this (travel) blog different?

It focuses on personal travel experiences including feelings and lived contrasts I come across. It often entails the subjects of Responsible/ Ethical tourism, ethical consumption when traveling, Human Rights in tourism in addition to stuff about music-tourism, techno/dance-tourism (true story, such a term exists), with the overall aim of encouraging people to somehow make a difference when traveling…

Generally speaking its about sharing good ideas, stories and hopefully some surprising angles on how we can travel to change the world.

Peace & Love,


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