Greetings from Los Angeles


Wow, Los Angeles. You are a lot. And you are huge.

Considering your size, I’d say your infrastructure for public transportation is rather poor. Then again, I didn’t try it. Thing is, we just assumed we had to travel by car because that’s what everybody do. And we knew that already. Before going here everybody (especially Europeans) warned us about the need of a car to travel between neighbourhoods, because that’s how everybody travel there.

As always I was thinking “Nah, Ill see it with my own eyes, and it’s probably not that bad, there must be ways” etc. But then I quickly noticed how people-empty the streets are in L.A.



Is it really true that there is no way to not have a car here? With no time to wait for an answer, we rented a car.

And man, driving in LA is hectic! The streets are full of cars, the avenues full of lanes and massive intersections, crossing people, motor bikes, trucks and trailers in addition to endless car horns surrounding you..

The first day I told myself this really isn’t my kind of enjoying a city.


Then I got used to it throughout the week.

With a functioning AC, Google maps on your phone and a great selection of music it’s extraordinary how spending most hours of a day inside of a car in one insanely huge city can turn into a habit.


With our little compact car we crossed the more central parts of the city. From West to East to North and downtown. We drove to the Runyon Canyon park for a run and got familiar with sites like Hollywood, Mullholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Los feliz, Silver Lake, Downtown…


mulholland dr

mullhollandd dr

LA seen from Mulholand Drive




And Venice beach & Santa Monica. 🙂



Reason I liked Venice beach & Santa Monica so much is due to seeing the last two pictures in reality from a bike seat as opposed to a car seat. The possibilities of biking around or strolling the streets while seeing so much – and most importantly meeting people – is priceless! Although you could say traveling by car in LA is traveling like a local because that’s the way everybody do it, I can’t say I’m a fan.

In fact I wrote about how I met my prejudices in Venice beach yesterday.

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