So much for the Nobel Peace prize, Obama

To wake up in a hotel in the United States of America this past week, watching CNN while eating breakfast is one of the saddest affairs so far on this journey. First of all because I’ve got reminded how full of shit CNN is with its twisted cold-hearted journalism. But most importantly it has been sad because Syria is on the agenda. And we’re told it’s bad.

Zoomed in pictures of kids and adults that supposedly are victims of chemical weapon attacks in Syria stream into the room where we are sitting with our bowls of cereals. If the pictures are real these are awful news from a fucked conflict in need of help. But the pictures aren’t what’s saddest. What is saddest is that they are accompanied by news reporters’ repeated concerns about the situation in Syria and arguments about the need for the US to “take action.” They try to convince us that because hundreds of kids are supposedly murdered with chemical weapons, the U.S army has to engage and attack the country. In order to protect future victims and calm the situation. Come again?

It all makes me sick and Ive struggled to finish my cereals.

Then again, when searching for less biased media sources and even walking the streets here in San Francisco there seems to be a rather aggressive opposition to the congresspersons’ pending decisions these days. We’ve seen posters around about upcoming protests in San Francisco and even headliners of newspaper telling Obama to take a chill pill. This all delights me, yet somehow also surprises me. You may think I’m ignorant, but more people then I’d expect seem aware that this whole fake “protect ourselves from the middle East enemies” -rhetoric is just a puppet show made up by greedy capitalists with their oil needy straws.

Today I even came across this video clip that has gone very viral on social media.

Coming from Fox News (!!) it’s a complete MUST SEE! The channel that always have applauded whatever war an American Republican president suggest to start or engage with, is now against it. And they even come up with some good, almost humane, reasons. Of course the presenter here isn’t not asking complex questions like Goodman from Democracy Now or alike does. It’s a lot simpler than that. However, what is so appealing with this (and probably why it has gone so viral) is that even your grandmother can understand the speech!

Please just watch and spread!

And to Mr. President, here’s a little message from me: You should have done it instantly but it’s not too late to turn. GIVE BACK that Nobel peace medal you were rewarded! NOBODY thought you’d deserve it anyway, and now you’ve proved it again, no matter what your final decision will be on Syria after this week.

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