I ❤ tandem biking

Venice beach and its neighborhoods are much more fun than the ones of West Hollywood (which I wrote about a few weeks ago). So, whoever advised us to rather stay in West Hollywood while here is a poop.

Truly, I didn’t get to know more than a fraction of what LA has to offer, so my opinion is probably not worthwhile to take as a travel advice…

However, it’s still my impression that the lifestyle offered in Venice is one of the best in LA. Sure, you got ubercool Silver Lake and some interesting spots further West in LA too, but I find Venice to be so much more real.

I know. It may be a touristy cliche strolling down Venice beach, gawking at the body builders at Muscle beach and getting surprised that the bay watch towers and cars look exactly like in the series.

But I loved every bit of it!


The place itself doesn’t really appeal to the eye in terms of beauty, but its chaotic charm definitely do. The density of street art, skaters, tourists, bikers, restaurants, bars, random (and highly professional) street performances, souvenir & silly-sunglasses shops is nothing but astonishing.

The main attraction in the below picture for instance, is a rather old gentleman who lives by showing people on the street that he can stand on broken glass, with the supportive help of a random person or two holding his hands. Needless to say his engaging American entertainer skills were uncomplainable.

That we understood when realised we’d spend half an hour watching him do the same thing over and over, wooing and awing.


Apparently one key thing to do in Venice is to rent a bike and go as far as we could by the shore. Everybody we know that knows LA told us to do so, and so did numerous bike-for-rent-stands.

To my surprise there were tons of places that rented out tandem bikes, and well…  isn’t it just everyone’s dream to bike around on a tandem and live happily ever after?

IMG_5790Off we pedaled in the baking sun, to soon remember how different the fresh breeze from the sea feels in the face when moving quickly.

Passing by smiling families on their day off. A waving hobo at a bench. Two joggers with each their dog in leash.

We pedaled all the way to Santa Monica which is a prettier side of the beach.

Pretty might be relative, but look at these funky houses.


Pedaling all the way is relative too, as the man in front could do that perfectly fine on his own with me on the back. Another reason to love tandem biking!

This was I could shoot pictures of interesting stuff on our way.

Like this mini amusement park – right there on the beach!


And yes! THAT color of the sky is real. It was like this every day of our visit, which obviously makes any Norwegian gal happy.

One of the things I liked the most in LA was the always bright blue sky and surprisingly fresh air – especially in Venice that is – as it reminds me of Cape Town somehow.

Also, the sand is a lot cleaner than Id assume and the water perfect for a quick dip after a long day biking.

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