Gipsy giraffe’s real name is Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm and Im a Norwegian girl that early grew very tall physically and over time into a world-thirsty, awareness-seeking, free-spirited person.


Early in life I dreamed of living in many places as an adult, and to pursuit that dream I learned Spanish in Cuba in 2004 and soon after moved to Barcelona, working as a volunteer. Back in Oslo I got a Bachelor degree in Human Geography and Social Anthropology, during which I lived for a year in Buenos Aires. After two years as a Spanish teacher in Oslo I moved to Ibiza for love, and not only got a brilliant opportunity to get to know one of the most magical places on earth, but also its vibrant tourism and music sector.

In January 2011 I got an internship as the Social Media manager in the unique NGO Tourism Concern and that’s when my longtime interest for Ethical Tourism, Human Rights work and Social Media communication took off. I lived between Ibiza and London in 2010 to 2012, before taking a career step that seemed perfect for someone who constantly questions and investigates how tourism impacts people and the world for the better or worse: the Master program Responsible Tourism Management (at Leeds Metropolitan University).

For the final research project of my Master’s degree I moved to Cape Town (a city I already had fallen in love with twice) in 2012-13 to research (responsible) tourism practices and impacts in deprived townships. Now I’m is based in Europe, yet with no specific plan for where to go next, but tons of travel and project desires.

Wherever I’ve lived – and in between the working periods in Norway – I always prioritise visiting new places around the world and write texts about them on my blog, and occasionally for the media. Now my dreams are

1) To be able to make a living by writing inspiring, fun, socially and politically aware stories about my own travels & the industry. 2) To get into more comprehensive research work and assist in consulting organisations to develop trends within RTM.

I’m devoted to keep pursuing what makes me happy, and on my way I’ve found out that this entails allowing my restless body to keep moving – and often outside of my comfort zone – always seeking to understand people & places. I also happen to be a music lover, thus often travel with music’s flow – especially if it takes me to random festivals around the world. However, this blog doesn’t solely feature my own trips as I use other sources than my own experiences too – in order to express general and different, in addition to personal angles – on how we all can travel for change in this incredibly wonderful, but also shockingly cynical world of ours.

I hope it can inspire you.



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    • Jeanett Andrea

      Hei Renate, og takk for fin melding. Godt å vite du liker det fokuset!
      Sjekket ut bloggen din også, – og wow, for en globetrotter du er! Masse spennende stoff og tips. Lykke til videre!

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