Jeanett Andrea

Gipsy giraffe’s real name is Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm and I’m a Norwegian girl that for years have gone under the nick name giraffe, or jirafa (in Spain) due to my height. As for my soul it represents a restless and free spirited person, hence my gipsy-like lifestyle.

Through my travels I've become deeply interested in what traveling and tourism is about and for whom, asking and investigating what good/ bad it does for people and in the world.

In 2013 I finished a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management through which I lived in Cape Town for 8 months to research tourism practices and impacts in the townships there.

My dream is to be able to live from researching more about tourism in order to assist in developing ways to manage tourism more responsibly, consult organisations. Meanwhile dreaming I work in other fields to make a living, as well as I attempt to nurture my creative needs by writing socially and politically aware texts about all sorts of traveling and living.

As Im devoted to keep pursuing what makes me happy, I've found out on my way that this entails allowing my restless body to keep moving – and often outside of my comfort zone – always seeking to understand people and places.

Through my blog I hope to express general, specific and personal angles on how we all can travel for change in this wonderful, but also cynical world of ours.
I hope it can inspire you.