Jeanett Andrea

Gipsy giraffe’s real name is Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm: A very tall Norwegian girl who mostly lives on a plant based diet, hence her nickname jirafa (giraffe). After growing up in the suburbs of Oslo she started to study Spanish and Social Sciences and traveled the world for over a decade. To begin with, she probably traveled to combat a general sensation of rootlessness and restlessness that had been part of her since an early age. Though as the years went by, she understood that all the traveling was driven by a desire of living fearlessly on her own terms, and connecting deeply with the world and people in it. Hence the tag gipsy. ;-)

Now in her second half of the 30s, the Gipsy Giraffe still aims at living and thinking as freely as possible, yet her lifestyle has become calmer, more local and a lot greener (less travel-oriented). In other words: Her previous way of traveling has changed drastically (the Climate Crisis is real, guys!), and her writings about sustainable and responsible living are thus perhaps a bit more in their right place... For the time being Jeanett is settled in Oslo with her soulmate partner with whom she in 2018 gave birth to a tiny spiritual warrior. The Gipsy Giraffe makes a living in the fields of freelance-writing and teaching, yet is open for new job experiences too.

More about my expertise and topics of interest:
Through my travels I've become deeply interested in what traveling and tourism is about and for whom. I've observed, investigated and documented what impact travellers and tourism has on people, communities and nature. In 2013 I finished a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management through which I lived in Cape Town during 8 months researching tourism practices and impacts in two of the city's townships.

My current dream is to make a living as a writer, both as a journalist but also within academic fields or in research. Id love to one day have a(n assisting) role as a consultant within the fields of tourism development and/or responsible events. Additionally I have a dream of making documentaries about travellers' various impacts in the world.

In between dreaming (and now also changing diapers), I attempt to use my blog to express general, specific and personal angles on how we all can travel for change in this wonderful, but also critically threatened world of ours. I hope it can inspire you.