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You Gotta Go, To Know



“You Gotta Go, To Know” says Aaron Feinberg, the photographer of these Playa Portraits from Burning Man (on FB) 2013.

Like so many other Burners said before him and will say after him.

Still, watching Playa personalities unfold via a screen gives yet another good impression of the mind-blowing journey of a people & nature spectacular Burning Man is. And of what to expect this year. For old Burners and Burners-to-be.



What motels make you dream about

Thanks to the movie industry I’ve got the impression that motel visits are crucial for North Americans searching their freedom and self-realisation. Motels alongside the roads in the U.S are portrayed as old-fashioned, cheap, dirty and full of wackos; simply perfect places to rest in, or to hide away from your enemies.

Perhaps a matter of fantasies rather than realities, however I’ve always wondered what there is not to like? I’ve honestly dreamed about road trips and motels for so long!

And now I’ve already slept in two. Once in Fresno, and once in Reno. Both motel rooms had massive and comfortable beds and we found no bed bugs at all. Which is weird considering how travelers seem to find them all the time (according to the internet). Both places made me sleep like a baby and dream like a mad man. Last night’s dream was particularly beautiful. Crazy, but beautiful.


taken before bedtime

Thus today, I didn’t only wake up in a motel, but I felt completely rejuvenated and as if I newly had fallen in love with someone. It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts before I remembered where my subconsciousness had taken me the last hour. I can’t stop laughing:

Nicholas Cage and I have been motel lovin’ and road trippin’ like Sailor and Lula (Laura Dern) from the movie Wild at heart. I was a weird merged version of the naive Lula and myself, and Cage was Sailor. When not in our car, we spent most time inside a motel room dancing on top of the bed sheets and snugging between all the smoking. I felt so in love, just like in a dream! And like dreams tend to, the situations and characters blurred together, thus there were moments Cage was my own V, instead of Sailor, and there were moments I portrayed him as the Hollywood celebrity which made me plan how to tell my friends about THE LATEST catch.

When the dream reached its most romantic peak, I woke up.

Thank you Motel for giving me the best night I could ever dream of. I’ll review the shit out of you, and would do so even if you’d had bed bugs.

This is America, the rest is a lie

Departing LA today was fun. We had googled a selection of Walmart stores located North of the city as we needed to stop by one to purchase important camping equipment for our upcoming two nights in the Yosemite National park, followed by a week in the Black desert city. Finally buying stuff at Walmart felt like biting the bullet, yes, but trust me, we tried for days to find second hand equipment on Craigslist first.

We found our store in Van Nuys on our way out of town, and already there we felt so far away from LA the way we’d got to know it. The area seems to be inhabited by a massive group of Latin Americans, yet due its urban history also represents a hot spot for many young professionals. Driving through the area however, most avenues offer sights like densely situated small houses, many of whom have a flag hanging high in the garden. Part from that you’ll see shopping malls, car shops, areas of trailer houses and a bunch of cute little men with their cowboy hats on strolling the streets.

We started to feel like we were in America.


An hour later on our way to Fresno, our 3g stopped working. Soon we had no service at all. So much for T-mobiles’ promises of working anywhere in the US. For another two hours we cruised up highway 5 surrounded by a flat and mostly uninhabited landscape, before it got dark and hundreds of signs of fast food chains and motels were the only lights that illuminated our way.

Though I dislike branding overall, I’ve loved my first US road trip experience in which my old dream of staying in a typical motel now is to be fulfilled.

Here from a gas station close to Fresno. How authentic!


Next to it we spotted a motel and went to check out their vacancy. Nobody was in the reception however, yet a group of truck drivers had thrown a party and welcomed us to join them. Unfortunately due to our tight travel schedule we had to reject their offer.


However, a little later we found the perfect motel downtown in Fresno.

We’re only stopping by here to get some sleep, just like everybody else does in this city – on their way to, or from – Yosemite National Park. I’m so excited to finally be on a road trip, and so excited to be going to Yosemite tomorrow!



Mexico, here I come!

To visit this country has been a dream for long.


The country of the pre-colonial Toltec, Aztec and Mayan civilizations, of ancient ruins, shamans, high mountains, two immense coast lines, turquoise waters and deep jungles. The country of the tacos that got rewarded the first place on the UNESCO heritage list of cousines. The country of the avocado, the cactus & magic mushrooms,  tequila and a diversity of interesting musical styles and instruments. The country of latin lovers, the Zapatistas, cowboys, chaotic drug wars and corruption, surf tourists and a vast variety of indigenous cultures.

Since I decided some months ago to do the US west coast trip (I just started) I thought why not wrapping it up with a visit to Mexico when I’m first on this side of the Atlantic ocean.

From September 25th Ill have at least 6 weeks to spend or as long as my money reach – and that all on my own – so the journey will be different in an exploratory and self developing way.


The below are my two planned routes, set up after taking friends’ and travel blogs’ advices of must-sees. I’m planning to have 3 weeks for each route though they are subjects of impulsive changes.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 15.02.42

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 15.02.57

And then Ill hit the road to travel the other way around.  More or less..

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 15.03.27

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 15.03.33

Andaleeeee andaleee!

Concerts on my bucket list

Yup I still keep searching for the artists I love and their gigs around. Among them are (un)fortunately plenty I haven’t seen live, but to not bore you with a very long list, I keep it at my lucky number which is 7.

The below list extends the last list I wrote back in 2010 over artists I dreamed at seeing then. I just realised it needed to be updated.

1. Radiohead (or Thom Yorke solo)

2. Fleetwood Mac

3. Cinematic Orchestra

4. Moderat (but I did see Apparat!!)

5. Femi Kuti

6. David Bowie (can’t believe I had forgot him on the last list?)

7. Daft Punk (fuck them for not coming to Glastonbury this year the way eeeeverybody predicted…)

Since the last bucket list I could line these over

8. Jonsi (All alone at Sonar weeping my eyes out)

9. Bonobo with band (at XOYO, London)

10. Portishead (PURE MAGIC at Glastonbury 2013)

11. The Rolling Stones (Sorry I’m cheating as they weren’t even on the last list, but I did see them for the first and probably last time in my life at Glastonbury 2013. It was wicked)

12. Trentemoller. TWICE! (And can’t believe he wasn’t on the last list either..)

Before March 2010 I was able to line these over:

 Depeche Mode

Tori Amos

Antony & the Johnson



Ingrid Olava

Stunning short movie

I just found a treasure of a short movie! Please take 15 minutes to watch it.

Jonah is a beautiful and thought-provoking story about dreams and expectations regarding tourism development in a poor place.

I just have to go

Like I’ve mentioned before I kept a diary throughout my whole childhood and teenagers. Although the content got a bit more serious throughout the years, developing from drawing hearts and writing lists over the boys I had kissed in class to listing goals and wishes for my adult (love) life, it’s pretty obvious I’ve always been a dreamer.


Not too long ago I went through the diary I had at 17 and realised how strong my dream of “living abroad” was from an early age. I don’t know at what age it started really; I just had this vision about eternal happiness through traveling and world discovery, and even knew I had to learn more languages to get there.

And here I still am. At 31. If possible, in an even more intense way now than before.

Looking back: At 22 I went to Cuba and started realising that Spanish dream of mine, beginning with the language. Later that year I was accepted as a volunteer through a youth organisation in Barcelona and spent 6 months there. At 26 I went to Buenos Aires for a year, including all the journeys (internal and external) that led to in that region, and at 28 I moved to Ibiza, then London – twice –  and at 30 to Cape Town for 6 months.

The past year I dedicated to the master’s degree in Responsible Tourism Management which at its best has told me THIS topic really is my field, and at its worst has confused the shit out of me. Who do I want to be professionally, where do I want to live, what is it I really want to do in this life? How important is it anyway with a degree? If I want to write anyway, can’t I just do that…? And travel? Must it be academic? I do love researching… But journalists research a lot too!?

My little audience: I would love, love, love your feedback on these thoughts. I’m currently “working” fulltime on researching how to become a researcher (hah!), freelance journalist as well as academic. I will apply for work within all fields and although I’m good at living “here & now” and daily say to myself the same thing we all have to say when getting up in the morning: “who knows where this day takes me”, it would also feel good to soon have some clearer answers, or nailed projects.